Bluehost Review: Is It a Reliable Hosting for WordPress?

Bluehost Review

Have you recently heard about Bluehost and looking for an authentic review? Well, I can completely correlate with you.

Hosting is like a home for our beloved websites and blogs and to be choosy about it is a normal thing. I did a ton of mistakes earlier while choosing hosting plans when I was a beginner.

I believe if you are just starting a new website, it’s best to go for Bluehost.

You will get a free domain name and an SSL Certificate along with a 60% discount.

It’s like a fully furnished home for your website with a security addon.

Are you excited?

It’s good to know everything before making a purchase. And we often tend to buy things by just seeing the discount which is not a healthy practice. We should always and always look into the details before making a purchase.

Well, let me give you an inside review of Bluehost hosting. 

Bluehost In-Depth Review

One-Click WordPress Installation

The best part about hosting is that they made it super easy to install WordPress. Currently, Bluehost is lightning up the word of over 2 million websites. It’s huge.

Means 2 million websites are already trusting the hosting plan provided by the Bluehost.

Even if you are planning to start your own blog and website for the first time and have no idea about the technical stuff. It’s okay because the process is very simple. It’s more clicking one after another.

Personally, I love WordPress and WordPress officially recommends Bluehost.

24/7 Support

Yes, Bluehost provides instant customer support. If you have any queries or concern they will resolve it very quickly. Support is an important aspect that you can’t skip before choosing a hosting plan. 

Because we all tend to get confused or get locked by the technical stuff and the professional team is always there to help you.

Free Domain

As mentioned earlier, Bluehost provides a free domain name for one year. Like if you will buy the hosting plan from Bluehost, they will enable you to search for your preferred domain name like and buy it for free.

You can also link or migrate your existing domain to Bluehost.

Free SSL Certificate

If you don’t know much about the SSL Certificate, you can understand it like it adds a security layer to your website. Like it will help you to protect your website from hackers.

And the changes that you will be able to notice after the successful installation of the SSL certificate on your website is that your website URL will have ‘https’ instead of ‘Http’.

And the best part is that Bluehost provides a free SSL certificate for the first year. Usually, SSL Certificates are very expensive if purchased separately.

Super Affordable

If you will purchase the hosting from the provided link at the bottom of the post, you will get a huge discount.

You will get an idea about the plan with this comparison table:

WEBSITE SPACE50 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
EMAIL ACCOUNTS5UnlimitedUnlimited
EMAIL STORAGE100 MB / accountUnlimitedUnlimited
REGULAR PRICE$7.99/mo$10.99/mo$14.99/mo
DISCOUNTED PRICE$2.95/mo$5.95/mo$5.95/mo
Bluehost Plans

Now it’s time for the exclusive Bluehost Deal.

Bluehost Coupon

If you want to start a new professional blog grab the exciting deal of 65% off on hosting plan, you can click on this link.

I hope you liked my review on Bluehost, do thumbs up and comment below if you have any queries or if you want to sprinkle some sweet words.

Personal note:

Have a safe quarantine time. It’s a really very tough time, I never imagined that the entire world will lockdown. However, we have to stand together and take care of our families.

Stay away from the hoaxes on social media. And try to utilize your time by being at your home with your family. 

Take care!

Bluehost Review: Is It a Reliable Hosting for WordPress? via @bloggingfilter
Ayesha Siddiqua

Ayesha Siddiqua

Ayesha is the founder of Blogging Filter and Invent Isle. She is a passionate blogger, digital marketing professional & tech enthusiast. She puts an exceptional effort to research and turn it into helpful tips to answer her readers’ queries.

14 Responses

  1. Bluehost is also offering a WordPress managed hosting package for only $9.95/month. This will protect you in case your database gets messed up, something which happened to me a few times after WordPress updates because some plugins were not compatible. Anyways, I have used Bluehost before and their servers are blazing fast, plus customer service is super friendly. Hope this helps have a great day!

  2. Do you recommend people getting a hosting domain once they get good traffic to their blog instead of getting it as a beginner?

    1. For beginners:

      It’s really important to know and understand the basics of WordPress and thus a beginner can start with the free version.

      For experienced:

      If they want to do the Blogging with the intent to monetize it later, it’s good to get the hosting and domain from day#1.

  3. Hey, I am a mid-level blogger and used Go Daddy before but haven’t blogged in a few years and enjoy building my own website but I am essentially starting over and want to build both a blog and website for a coaching business. I would like to stay with WP and am open to moving to Bluehost instead of GD. I am not sure at this time about my domain, can you give any insight on domain name? I actually landed on this post when I was doing a search for “choosing domain name.”

    Thank you,

    1. Hi,

      You can use to find out the available domain name of your niche.

      Once you finalize the domain name, you can get the same name for free on You just have to use the link and click on ‘Get Started‘ and select your package.

      You will get 65% discount + Free SSL + Free Domain name + 60 Days Money Back Guarantee.

      If you have any further queries do let me know. 🙂

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