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In this Buzzsprout review article, we look at why Buzzsprout, a podcasting hosting software platform, should be your go-to place for podcasting. Launched in 2009, Buzzsprout has since been listed among the biggest podcast hosting platforms with over 100,000+ active users. There is no denying that Buzzsprout is a great platform even for beginners with advanced features – isn’t that exciting? So, if you are a podcaster and need to opt for a podcast hosting solution, then this Buzzsprout review article is for you!

Buzzsprout review: Features, pricing, and our verdict.

Features and benefits

Let’s have a look at some of the features that Buzzsprout has to offer.

#1. Free podcast website

As a podcaster, even though you have a podcast hosting platform, you would still need a website. That being said, Buzzsprout offers you a free podcast website for all of your episodes to be displayed. It redirects your listeners to the website and displays your podcast artwork, description of your channels, and many other options that lead them to the frequently used directories like Apple podcast, Spotify, etc. Buzzsprout’s website is quite simple and a great alternative while you take your time to set up your brand’s website.

#2. Accessing Visual Soundbite

Another feature that we love is the Visual Soundbite option. You can use this option to promote your podcasts across social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, etc. in the form of an engaging video to attract audiences. All you have to do is head over to an episode page, set the start and end duration of your Soundbite, customize the text and the artwork and share the end result with your social media audiences.

#3. Auto audio transcriptions

If you want to be discovered by search engines, then you should consider transcribing all your podcasts. When you transcribe your podcasts, Buzzsprout connects with Temi, which is automatic transcription service. Once done, you will be notified via email with all of your text laid out. You can even edit the text, and Buzzsprout displays your transcription at the bottom of your episode’s description.

#4. Buzzsprout affiliate marketspace

Buzzsprout helps you generate income with their version of an affiliate marketplace for podcasters. Buzzsprout helps you connect to a list of potential brands and signing up for their affiliate program. Once you have been approved for an affiliate program, Buzzsprout adds the link straight into your episode notes. So, you get paid each time a sale is made. For more information on this affiliate marketplace, you can head over to the resources sections in your Buzzsprout dashboard.

#5. Statistics dashboard

Buzzsprout offers you an easy to understand and user-friendly dashboard interface. The dashboard displays the number of downloads, plays, listeners, geographical locations, and so many more metrics. These metrics help you understand how to scale your podcasts further. All this information is represented in colorful graphics, buttons, and charts, which is easy to understand even for beginners.

#6. Easy API integrations

If you use external editing platforms, Buzzsprout offers an API integration that lets you upload all of your episodes directly into your Buzzsprout account. However, if you don’t use a platform that can integrate with the API, you can still export and upload your episodes easily.

Pricing plans

Buzzsprout offers a free plan and three premium plans. The free plan offers 2 hours of upload each month.

While the three premium plans are $12/month, $18/month, and $24/month, these plans let you upload and manage 3 hours, 6 hours, and 12 hours of upload.

If you are not sure of opting for Buzzsprout yet, you can, of course, go for the free plan for 90 days. However, your episodes would automatically be removed after 90 days.

Our verdict

With this, we are at the end of our Buzzsprout review! So, should you use Buzzsprout for your podcast? Absolutely yes! It is easy to use and delivers its promise of finding your first audiences, gets your channel discovered, and helps you gain insight on how to scale your channel. And at the same time, Buzzsprout helps you monetize your podcasts. It is a simple podcast host that fulfills all your needs. Head over to the official website and create an account today!

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