How To Become A Digital Marketing Specialist?: Dharmesh Patel

How To Become A Digital Marketing Specialist

Do you want to become a digital marketing specialist? Go through this exclusive interview with one of the successful digital marketing specialists Mr. Dharmesh Patel, CEO, and Founder, GBIM. It’s a great opportunity for all the digital marketing enthusiasts to learn and steal some secrets from the best. Now without any further ado, let’s get started.

How to Become a Digital Marketing Specialist the Dharmesh Patel Way

This is an exclusive interview of Mr. Dharmesh Patel, a digital marketing specialist on the Blogging Filter. He is one of my mentors and I got hugely inspired by him.

How you got started with digital marketing?

I started Digital Marketing in 2004 with Current Mumbai’s Best SEO Company. I learned a lot over there from My Colleague. It was a new era for Digital Marketing so most things we need to do is collecting Backlinks which is a very boring Job but thank god to Google who has changed the Algorithm and nowadays we do follow the Quality Backlinks Strategy. Rest you can check MY Blogs Dharmesh(.dot)tech

What made you start a digital marketing company?

Frankly speaking, I got bored doing routine jobs. Especially when you got NO from Higher Authorities to promote yourself to handle other departments and challenging work. So I have been thinking about quitting and starting my own. Let me tell you, It took me 1 Year and 3 Months to get my first client. Thank god for my Freelance projects which I have few, Otherwise, it’s difficult to survive for me.

What’s your suggestion to digital marketing enthusiasts?

As I said, It took 1 Year and 3 Months to get my first client. So Be Patient, Nothing is Quick. You have to do your best and rest and decide over god. 

What are the most effective digital marketing strategies?

It’s difficult for me to choose one, So let me add in Ascending Orders

  1. SEO (I am putting No.1 Bcoz you don’t have to Pay anything to 3rd Party Vendors)
  2. Paid Ads
  3. Social Media Marketing

How did you get your first digital marketing client?

My Brother was handling Computer Institute, He got 1 Student who is a Special Child so His father told my Brother for Home Tuitions. While discussing it my brother told him we do Digital Marketing like SEO, Google Ads, etc. He found it interesting and asked Your Brother to come and meet. I went there and crack the deal for SEO, Client name is www[dot]

What was your age when you started your company?

Just 21.

What other skills does one need for digital marketing?

Programming Knowledge like HTML, WordPress.

What’s the future of digital marketing according to you?

When I have to Join this Industry in 2004, I have asked the same to My Colleagues and I got an answer like “I can’t say anything as in India no one using our services as a Major client was Outside of India like the USA and the UK, So if anything new comes up, This industry will be finished”. But now I can say there will be a Bright Future for all the Digital Marketing world, As most of the persons in the world are using the Internet. 

What according to you are the best resources to get started with digital marketing?

I think Google is the best resource rather than any other. As you get a good amount of sites here to read over Diff. Answers but if you want to read then do read

What are your views about Blogging Filter?

I have known Ayesha for a very long time. She is a Good Content Creator and I would say each and every blog she wrote is meaningful and very well researched. 

If you are learning or doing Digital Marketing then do Follow Blogging Filter, She will be the Next Neil Patel of India.

I hope you must have enjoyed reading this Interview post with Mr. Dharmesh Patel, Founder of GBIM. If you want to connect with him, follow him on LinkedIn. Do share your views in the comment section.

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How To Become A Digital Marketing Specialist?: Dharmesh Patel via @bloggingfilter
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