Never Work for Free

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If I wanted to work for free. I’d choose to be a volunteer, not a freelancer. Learn the difference!

Free work will never bring you success.

Never fall for vague offer & exposure.

If someone truly understands your potential & respects your work, they will never ask you to work for free.

People who ask for free work usually sound like this:

  • I have started my new business, please help me with your free contribution.
  • I can’t pay you now but once we start getting profit I will definitely pay you.
  • I will offer you more work.
  • I will provide you with this & that.
  • I will provide you an opportunity & you will get lots of exposure.
  • If I would have enough time, I could have done it myself.
  • It’s very easy, do it for free.
  • I know your family & friends, do it for free.

Bla bla bla!

True business professionals never beg

They do the deal, they don’t plead.

Never fall for these kinds of fake promises.

And if you are a writer, freelancer or artist, get ready to meet these amazing people. They are everywhere.

Always remember, free work will never let you earn respect but it will definitely make you frustrated.

If you have to do the charity you can do a lot of better things which can actually bring you lots of happiness.

Business & Charity should be kept separate.

The most amazing part of a so-called begging business professional is that they never can become successful like this.

Even suppose if they become successful, they can never be able to earn respect.

Well, whatever they become, the thing is what will you gain?


Do you want to invest your time to receive nothing?

Of course not!

You can instead respond to them like this:

  • Sure I would love to do it for free but will exposure pay for my rent? Exactly, I don’t think so.
  • Sure, while I design this for you for free, can you wash my toilet for free too? Like you said, it’s easy.
  • Freelance doesn’t mean free.

Stay healthy, stay safe, stay empowered, and stay away from begging professionals.


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3 thoughts on “Never Work for Free”

  1. Beginners motive should always be on learning and nothing else.
    However, this post was for those who are already good at their work and holds a great skill sets but are unaware of their potential.
    And there are many so-called smart employers who hires these skilled professionals for free by giving vague hopes.
    It happens a lot and it’s happening a lot too.
    But it shouldn’t happen anymore.

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